With the change of each season comes a new set of maintenance tasks for your home. Now that summer is in full swing, it's important to prepare your home and yard for the upcoming heat. From air-conditioner upkeep to cleaning dirt off your home. Check out our ultimate checklist of summer home maintenance tips to help you give your home some TLC.

Check caulking

  • Check around your homes windows and doors 
  • You can keep ants and bugs at bay in the kitchen by adding fresh caulking to your windows and doors.

Inspect air-conditioners:

If you haven't already, prep air conditioners and fans for their busiest season:

  • Remove and clean the filters before turning your AC on. If you have central air-conditioning, consider a professional servicing. 
  • Clean all ceiling fans and other fans in your house with a damp rag. If you have high ceilings, a ceiling-fan duster can help you de-grime hard-to-reach blades.

Polish your porch:

Thoroughly sweep painted porch floors; then mop them with all-purpose cleaner. If there's a lot of build-up dirt on the floorboards, you may need to scrub them with a brush.

Analyze your deck:

Look over your deck for signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Then, determine if your deck needs sealing. Sprinkle water on the deck's boards. If the water beads up, you're in good shape; but if it soaks right in, it's time to reseal.

Wash your windows:

If you didn't tackle exterior window washing in the spring, now's the time to get your glass clean.

Add mulch:

Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat. It'll give your plants a chance to grow. 

Check for leaks:

Check your hoses and exterior faucets for leaks- even a tiny drip can add up to a big waste of water. Pinhole leaks in hoses can be covered up by winding regular electrical tape around the (dry) hose in overlapping layers. 

Take care of your plants:

Deadhead both perennials and annuals to keep them productive. If you have visible dead foliage from spring bulbs, pull it out to maintain a tidy look. If the daffodil or tulip leaves are still green, leave them alone; they're busy nourishing the bulb to bloom again next year.

Protect your home against unwanted guests:

Yes, unfortunately sometimes critters decide that your house is the place to be. From rodents to bugs, take steps to close off your home to non-pet animals

  • Cover any holes that are more than a quarter-inch wide
  • Get your tree branches trimmed back so they don't create a highway for squirrels. Branches should be at least 8 feet from your roof.
  • Make sure your outdoor trash bins are tightly sealed to prevent a buffet for pests.
  • Do away with yard debris. Leaves and twigs are a haven for animals that might decide to invade your home.
  • Tend to your lawn frequently by mowing. 

Power wash:

It's important to give your home a good wash, especially on it's exterior since it faces harsh natural and man-made elements such as wind, dust, dirt, rain, smoke, and pollen. Pressure washing helps you to freshen up and preserve your home's appearance. Porches, driveways and walkways, can also benefit from a good wash.