Your kids were just sent home from school for the foreseeable future and you’re currently working at home. It’s only week one and you’re already wondering how you’re going to do another week of this. But don’t despair! Events may be canceled, and social distancing and self-quarantining are priority number one, but we can all make the best of it! How do you ask? Try one of these following ideas to stimulate your senses and stave off boredom. 


1. Take an online class. 

Chances are you’ve not had much extra time in the past to learn a new skill, such as mastering your digital camera or learning to play a new instrument. Good resources for inexpensive online classes include Udemy and the most obvious AND free option, YouTube. If you want to learn it, there’s a resource online for it.

2. Explore museums virtually

Google Arts & Culture features over 500 virtual tours of museums from around the world. Explore the world and enrich your mind from the safety of your own home! One such featured art piece is a piece from the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont. 

3. Join a zoo livestream! 

It’s a fun way to both entertain your kids and learn something new. One fun recent Livestream was from Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, where a zoo expert walked their audience through the Hippo Cove.

4. Perform small house upgrades that you’ve been putting off. 

Whether you’re looking to stay in your home or sell in the nearby future, completing things off your never-ending home to-do list can boost your spirits! Painting your rooms neutral colors, such as soft grays or warm tans, is one upgrade that will help your house appeal to buyers among all the houses for sale in Vermont. 


5. Set-up an indoor picnic in your living room 

Many local Vermont restaurants and their workers are in dire need of business right now. They’re depending on keeping afloat via to-go orders (and tips) only. Order food from your favorite restaurant or enjoy a dish from a new place, and know you’re helping contribute to the local economy! A fun new law (that just passed on March 19, 2020) is that you can order to-go alcohol, including cocktails, from your favorite Vermont restaurant too! Make it fun and set up your favorite picnic blanket and put on your favorite movie. 

6. Stream an at-home workout.

Don’t let your workout routine fall by the wayside, many studios are offering online workouts, such as the Evolution Yoga Studio in Burlington, Vermont! Plus, when you exercise your body releases endorphins which make you happy!  

7. Enjoy a virtual comedy show from the Vermont Comedy Club

We all deserve a laugh right now. 

8. Have fun browsing online for your dream home. 

Find a home that you wouldn’t mind being quarantined in!

Along with our photos and online descriptions, our Realtors, Julie, Jordan, and Jon, are available to answer any questions you may have. They can even set up virtual tours for you!

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